But for the Grace of God: Cover–Round 2!

maybeOkay, kids! After many suggestions and much contemplation, I have decided to go with a cover more evocative of the story. It needs a bit of cleaning up, but you get the general idea. The blurb is still under construction but should be ready in the next couple of days. The book file has been uploaded to Amazon, but DON’T BUY IT, YET! I plan to offer it for an introductory price for the remainder of 2013 starting on Friday, 12/6. Although this will not be the official blurb, allow me to tell you a bit about the book.

I’m sure by now that some people regard me as a writer of historical love stories with supernatural elements. Not so this time around. BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD is a return to a sweet old-fashioned love story set in the midst of great conflict. In fact, this time it straddles the line of Christian historical fiction and is definitely inspirational. In the final year of the war between North and South, young widow Hannah Carter and her housemates are doing what they can to effect a small measure of God’s justice by┬áproviding refuge to fugitive slaves en route to freedom in the North. Her humble farm in northern West Virginia has managed to escape the ravages of war until a wounded Confederate soldier shows up in need of medical attention. Find out what happens when they risk their lives and humanitarian operations to take him into their household then challenge everything he thinks he knows about himself.

Thank you for your interest. Again, I welcome any and all comments.

4 thoughts on “But for the Grace of God: Cover–Round 2!

    • Hi, Java! Your comment makes me feel so much better, especially since you were the one who was unabashed enough to say you HATE HATE HATEd the other one! Thank you so much for your time. I hope you love my Hannah as much as I did yours! :D

  1. Ginger, I just finished reading But for the Grace of God and I loved it. I was lucky to on vacation so I just read and read until I finished it. Once I started reading I could not put it down. I cannot wait for your next one. Thank you for being named in the acknowledgments. Regards Erin Yeh

    • Oh, Erin! That is so nice to hear! And you are totally deserving of the mention. I thought others would point out the fact that the people I thank are the readers who love my books, but you are the reason I continue to write. So, thank you again! Check back long about May for the new book. I’m going to take a breather for December. Have a beautiful holiday season!

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